Our Merseyside is a new social movement of people and organisations, united in supporting people living in our communities. Its message is simple: to bring pride and opportunity to Merseyside and help keep our people and our streets safe.

Merseyside is full of passionate people doing amazing work to inspire and support young people. Show your support and join our movement to help Merseyside become #BladeFree.


What can you do?

Merseyside is famous for lots of things, not least our people. Always willing to offer a helping hand, we’re friendly, loyal and caring – never afraid to take a stand to support an important cause.

That’s what Our Merseyside is all about. Bringing the power of our wonderful people together to raise awareness of important issues and make a positive difference to the people who live here. Get behind Our Merseyside and show we’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to looking after our own.

Our first campaign is #BladeFree, a united approach to support our young people away from knife and violent crime through diversionary activities and initiatives.

Are you a group offering activities like sport, music, acting, or practical skills for employment? Join today and promote your organisation on our website. Just click on the 'Support #BladeFree today' button to add your group's details.

Young person? Search the website for stories about people like you, activities to get involved in, and the dangers and myths around carrying knives.

Parent or guardian? Search the website for useful information, guidance and activities young people can do in your local area.



What's on near me?

Check out activities, groups and clubs in your area and find one that’s right for you.





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